Some Unsolicited Praise For Alum-a-Lub!

“Nothing works as well…”
Recently we built a new home and were given a can of Alum-a-Lub by the builder for use on the aluminum windows. We found this to be a very excellent product… We have tried other competitive brands but they do not work as satisfactorily.

“The only spray that really works…”
Alum-a-Lub is the only spray that really works. I’m on the water front but I can spray my screens and storm windows and it lasts so long. I don’t buy anything else if I can’t get Alum-a-Lub.

“Works to perfection…”
I had a problem with some aluminum windows and a friend of mine had a can of Alum-a-Lub and asked me to try it – it worked to perfection.

“Worked like magic…”
Alum-a-Lub certainly is a wonderful product as I have sliding aluminum windows and they were just unable to push, but after using Alum-a-Lub they worked like magic.

“Superior to others…”
I have found your product superior to others. I can think of several shipboard uses. I am in the Merchant Marines and hold a Master Mariner’s License.

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